Review: 4 Foot Farm Blueprint eBook

4ft-farm-blueprint-smaller(article by Jackie)

Note: This review covers the 2013 version of Crisis Education’s 4 Foot Farm Blueprint. Crisis Education has released a new version for 2014. Click here to read my review of the 2014 edition. The 2014 edition is very different from the version reviewed below.

One of our Colony members posted this link to our Facebook wall last week:

Crisis Education’s 4 Foot Farm Blueprint eBook

Gotta say, we knew just from the first viewing of this video that it was a scam, but we looked at each other, shrugged, and said, “It’s for the Colony,” and pulled out the credit card. $7 with a double-your-money-back guarantee? What could go wrong?

So we sit through the initial infomercial, then place our order for the eBook.


The next video tells us that we can get 10 more free eBooks by ordering the $14.95 per month newsletter. Or pay $17 each. A measly $170 for true self-reliance. It’s  a bargain!

We said no thanks.


He’ll GIVE us the 10 free eBooks AND a free 30 days to peruse the newsletter. We can cancel at any time and these top-secret but critical reports are ours to keep.

Maybe because it was 1am. Or maybe because we’d had a couple of beers. Or maybe because we just love you guys so much, we accepted his generous offer.


The third video is offering us a monthly seed shipment  without which our initial $7 initial investment will surely be wasted as we can’t possibly be trusted to choose seeds that will work with this ultra-secret system. Only $27 for 10 seed packets each and every month with no repeats. Ever!

Yeah, no. We don’t love you guys that much. We’ve been gardening awhile and have our own seed bank of reliable seeds that work in our cooler South Dakota weather.

Yes, we’re sure.

Yes, we know we’ll never ever be able to convince you to sell us your seeds at this rock-bottom price ever again. Ever.

Yes, we’re freaking sure!

And an hour and a half later, we finally have access to our members only download area.

So I open the 4Foot Farm eBook and confirm my suspicion – the infomercial was given more time, energy, and editing than the actual product.

I could critique the eBook as a whole, but there’s really not much point. It was mostly written as a hypothetical full of ideas, but offered very little in the way of expertise. Despite the infomercial promising “exactly how” or “use this trick,” the eBook itself had “ideas to try” and phrases like “I would maybe.” Not to mention its absolute lack of the ability to deliver on the infomercial’s promises.

All you really need to know, if you haven’t guessed it already, is that this book touts vertical gardening as the ideal way to maximize space in a small garden. Vertical gardening is the idea of growing up instead of out. A hanging plant is one of the simplest vertical gardens. You can hang containers up the side of a wall, use hanging containers, or build some sort of tower or pyramid. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of vertical gardening, especially when using containers, because they are high maintenance (for me). Container gardens of any sort usually require daily attention by way of watering, rotating to better face the available sunlight, and so forth.

So let’s simply go over each too-good-to-be-true promise and see if this stands up.

1. How to get 118 pounds of homegrown food from a tiny 4 foot by 4 foot plot. Bonus: if you follow this step-by-step plan you can boost that to 136 lbs!

Maybe. I doubt it, but we’ll just accept this yield as true and move on. Although we really need to subtract 15 pounds from the 118 pounds since this plan (there are two potential plans outlined) has you growing potatoes in separate 5 gallon buckets that are not part of the 1 foot by 4 foot plan. That’s right 1 foot by 4 foot, not 4 foot by 4 foot. Does this guy know his own product? And if you assume he means a yearly yield from four of these 1 foot by 4 foot plots, it will cost $40 a month, not $10 as claimed. So that doesn’t work either.

2. The blatant truth about “Free Seeds.” It’s not too good to be true as long as you follow a few simple tips.

The eBook suggests one way to get free seeds….if you have seeds to trade. So it’s not really free. Honestly, if you want free seeds, my recommendation is to make friends with local gardeners. Most will share not only extra seeds that should do well in your area, but will also share expertise coming from years of experience. Be genuine. Learn from them. Simple as that. Then invest in a couple new varieties each year until you find your own favorites.

3. How to grow your garden in complete secret. Think about it – if your food production spot can be snatched away from you at any second, you’re not really independent. Use this trick to stay out of sight.

Honestly, I saw nothing about this in the eBook. I searched the whole .pdf file for the words “hidden,” “secret,” and “covert,” and came up with nothing. I suppose you could move your system inside, but then you’d need numerous grow lights to replace the required sunlight unless you have a large enough window that gets ample sunlight.

Personally, I don’t foresee a need to grow my garden in secret. Why spend electricity when sunlight is free? If you live in a hostile environment or have a really short summer season, you may want to pick a couple things to try growing indoors. I wish I could advise you here, but I’ve never had much luck with indoor gardening.

4. My “lazy food” trick to make it so you never have to lift a shovel… Plus one way to accelerate the process.

Not really sure what this refers to. Maybe it was the suggestion to buy soil? Or maybe just to plant amongst the weeds you just killed with Roundup (wait, wasn’t the infomercial anti-Monsanto? No hint of this in the eBook when the author recommends Roundup and Miracle Gro – both products of Monsanto-owned companies). Or maybe it was the lasagna composting idea, even though he didn’t call it this. (Lasagna composting is putting down layers of different compostable materials and leaving them for several months until they break down, composting directly in your garden plot.) He never directly referred to anything as a “lazy food trick” nor any way to accelerate the process.

5. The truth about these covert garden plans that you can use to not just save you $98 or more per month, but make you a tidy profit.

Covert? Again, nothing about anything done in secret was mentioned.

$98 a month? For 118-136 pounds of produce per year? That assumes you’d spend $8.65-$9.97 per pound on items such as potatoes, kale, or carrots. Not likely. At least, not as of this writing…

Profit? See my prior paragraph. Though he does mention starting seeds (presumably indoors, but he doesn’t specify except in his calendar of when to start things…which is only really applicable in his Texas climate) and selling off some of your seedlings, so maybe this is what he means.

6. The reason this is one of the only ways you can grow food in colder areas… Which is critical if you live up north!

We live in a colder climate. There are lots of farms here. None rely on vertical gardening. So no, not the only way. And I’m not sure how growing up instead of out would help in the cold anyway. Container gardens will allow your soil to cool faster than the earth, so it would actually be more difficult to grow vertically in colder climates.

7. How to use the “stalk stacking” technique to boost food yield. Hint: this works when you can force the two plants to work together.

I assume he’s talking about companion planting or the “3 sisters” method of gardening. Nothing is mentioned about “stalk stacking” in the eBook, nor is this technique suggested, implied, or utilized. Here’s an article by Mother Earth News on the technique if you’re interested.

8. The cheap trick to use if you’re over 70, can barely walk, but are still serious about growing your own food. This will cut out the heavy lifting, bending and hard work.

No idea. Maybe because vertical gardening means less bending? And it’s cheap because you use plastic soda bottles to plant in? But if you can’t lift a shopping bag, you’ll need someone else to build your system. An easier method is to use regular containers on a table top. No system to build, no bending, and can be equally as cheap by using repurposed materials. Maybe put a shelf above the table for a second level. You’d lose some surface area that vertical gardening affords, but even with the systems outlined here, you’d have some bending and stretching. You can still place your table outside to utilize free sunlight.

9. How to use one French botanist’s trick to force your plants to yield 400% to 600% more efficient crops. With some plants like strawberries you’re looking at a 2,984% jump by using this technique.

Yet again, there’s no mention of this botanist in this eBook. The infomercial, however, mentions Patrick Blanc, who IS a French botanist. He wrote the book The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City. Since the eBook outlines two possible vertical garden plans, I’d assume this is what he’s referring to.  Your plants themselves won’t have higher yields, though; you’ll just get more plants into the same square foot space because you’re planting in 3D. 3000% higher yields on one strawberry plant? Would there even be room for leaves if that were true? Not to mention a glorious solution to world hunger.

10. And the 3 things your plants will need to grow fast, strong and healthy. Without these you might as well pack up and go back to the food lines…

Ask anyone what three things a plant needs to grow and I’m guessing you’ll find out as much as he shares about this. It’s nothing top secret. However, you really need more than three things: water, sunlight, appropriate temperatures, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. Though he probably assumes temperature and carbon dioxide will not be artificially introduced into your system.

And the tips:

1. What to do if you’ve got “bad dirt.” This technique will make your garden thrive and will even work in the Sahara Desert.

Just buy dirt. Yep, that’s it. But it won’t work in the Sahara. Why? Climate. May as well have claimed it would work in Antarctica. Oh wait, there goes that temperature assumption.

2. Detailed diagrams on exactly how to arrange your plants to get high-yield tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, beans and delicious spices. (Plus any other food you have your heart set on!)

His diagrams were suggestions, and not overly detailed. Keep in mind not all plants will work with his system, so hopefully you don’t have your heart set on pumpkins. That’s another issue with vertical gardening — you’ll need lightweight plants with shallow roots for the higher levels. Lettuces and other greens, herbs, and strawberries will work well for most vertical gardens.

3. This blueprint (on page 8) will show you exactly how to plant for the fastest growth and least amount of work…. Even if you don’t want to use a single shred of plastic.

No blueprints or diagrams on page 8. But he does have a plan that doesn’t use plastic. No idea how this offers speedy growth, however.

4. The weird-but-powerful by-product that can kick-start your four foot farm’s production.

Again, I’m at a loss. He mentions fish emulsion and compost tea though.

5. Why you should never buy expensive “pre-started seedlings” from a nursery, and how to start your seeds the fast way…

Again, he mentions starting your own seeds to save money, then talks about starting potatoes from those in your pantry, but really doesn’t go into detail. This is again something he suggests you “could” do. Starting your own seeds, if you have the time and space, will absolutely save you money over nursery seedlings.

Now, all this alone should deter you from this product, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a little math. I am a nerd after all.

First, there are some issues when figuring out the math. We’ll dismiss those issues in a moment when we start calculating, but I want to point these issues out.

1. His list of vegetables and their yields (where he got the 118-136 pounds claim) includes 42-44 pounds of greens (lettuce, kale, collards, chard, mizuna, arugula, spinach, and cabbage). That’s a lot of greens….some of which you cannot preserve.

2. Many of the items on his list of projected yields are NOT in his suggested planting diagrams. For instance, he has projected yields of 6 pounds of broccoli and cauliflower, yet neither show up in either plan. Tomatoes don’t appear in one set of plans, yet account for 30 pounds of its projected yields.

3. As mentioned before, 15 pounds of potatoes in one system aren’t grown in the 1×4 plot, but in their own 5 gallon buckets.

But let’s ignore all these for the sake of disproving this guy’s math. This gives him the benefit of the doubt, but you’ll see the numbers still don’t work.

So this plan is supposed to feed you for a year, right? I painstakingly looked up each produce item he lists in his projected yields for each plan to find out their nutritional value and added up the calories in his projected yields. One plan has a projected possible yield of 118 pounds and the other of 136 pounds. This gives us a grand total of 22,013 and 25,347 calories respectively. And according to the infomercial, this should make up for 90% of our grocery bill.

Yet if you look at my article, Determining Caloric Needs, you’ll see that this number of calories isn’t that much. Let’s look at it two other ways though.

First, let’s assume we can preserve every last shred of our harvest and use it up over the course of a full year. We’ll divide these calorie counts by 365 days. That’s 60-70 calories per day. Probably more veggies than the average American consumes, but certainly not 90% of the grocery budget. And definitely requires other sources of food.

If we only had our garden to live off of, and we assume a bare minimum of 1,200 calories per day, that would give us 18-21 days of sustenance. Hardly the claims of the infomercial.

A side note: there’s a prior edition of this eBook that is a completely different book. It talks about growing food in a 4×4 plot using companion planting and succession planting rather than vertical gardening. It’s better written, not better edited, and still just gives you an overview. It discusses cold frames and vermicomposting,  which may lend themselves to some of the original claims. But ultimately, you’re still better served saving your $7 and getting your information elsewhere.

Where to start?

I recommend the book All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. It’s not vertical gardening, but it’s a great guide to small space intensive gardening that is widely used and recommended. And Vertical Gardener is a beautiful blog full of wonderful ideas on how to implement vertical gardening using all sorts of designs and containers.

Update: 10 Free eBooks.

I read them all. Pity me. I have a horrible headache now.

A couple are decent. Most are poorly edited. At least two had their first typo before the end of the second paragraph.

A couple were such grammatical monstrosities that I struggled to finish them.

Poor Man’s Prepping Guide, one of the 10 freebies, offers absolutely nothing by way of money-saving strategies unless you count the option of storing commercially bottled water versus filling your own containers. Otherwise, it’s a beginner’s guide to prepping.

100 Energy Saving Secrets reads like it was written by my fifth grader and even has repeated advice within those 100 suggestions. It also assumes you have a window air conditioning unit and can independently turn off the water heaters to your main house, shower, and drinking water. By contrast, The Off-Grid Energy Blueprint reads like it was written by a solar professional, and probably contains good information that was simply over my head.

The Lazy Farmer’s Guide to Raising Chickens was a nice concise overview of raising chickens, but it certainly doesn’t appear that any part of it was suggesting easy or lazy ways to go about doing things. The Ultimate Underground Bunker is only 26 pages of text. Again, it’s a brief overview, but had very little substance. You definitely need more information on such topics as sewage disposal and keeping your bunker in fresh air. This is not something you want to do halfway.

All that said, my advice remains… Save your money and turn to Google. Or purchase books with solid reviews from reputable bookstores. There are no secrets shared here, even in the books with “secret” in the title.

Update 2 (10/30/13): A New Product

A company called Survival Life is now offering an eBook, also for $7, called Growing Up: The Ins and Outs of Vertical Gardening. I saw their sponsored post on Facebook and the claim that you could feed a family of 4 with 8 square feet of space and decided to click. Yet, the post they linked me to said you could feed a family of 4 with only 4 square feet of space. Looking familiar? Different voice on the infomercial, but they also have a special “Members Only” section where you download their special report. This one is 50 pages. Other than the ability to feed a family of 4, the claims are milder than the 4 Foot Farm claims. They simply tout the benefits of vertical gardening.

After doing a little digging, it looks like this is a different “report.” I’ll be purchasing and reviewing it soon. (Update! See the review of Survival Life’s guide HERE.)

However, for now, my advice is the same. Stay away from eBooks that advertise through online infomercials and do the research yourself. Google is your friend. Vertical gardening is a great strategy, but you won’t get enough produce in 4 square feet to feed a family of 4. Not unless you’re just looking to grow your own salads and you’re getting the bulk of your calories from other resources.

If you want to give vertical gardening, companion planting, or square foot gardening a try, these books will serve you better:

Update: November 2013 — Crisis Education contacted me about this review. I was not asked to remove it or update it, but to review their next revision of the product. They did refund my money at that time (I had not yet requested a refund as I was waiting for my monthly newsletter which took more than 30 days to receive). I do not know if it is normally this easy to get a refund, but they tell me they respond to all emails within 24 hours. Whether you’ve had good experience with this or bad, please comment below so others will know what to expect.

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  1. Dawn Akhbari

    Thank you so much for writing this. I was convinced I had found a way to feed my very large family and almost bought into this scam. Having been burned many a time, I did a google search and found your review. I cannot thank you enough. My family of seven, including a few strays with no where to go, lives on $300 a mo in food stamps and $700 a mo in disability. $7 isn’t much to some but to us it’s a lot. Thanks again!

      • Crystal

        Thank you, I was about to buy and hesitated because of no pay pal and not wanting to give my credit card number. I am new to gardening and was really excited about purchasing after viewing the advertisement, but am VERY happy to have found this review.
        You saved me $7 and gave me some helpful tips for FREE.
        THANK YOU…!!!

    • mary

      thank you for your research. seven dollars doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up. i would have paid into it if they had pay pal. then i decided to do some research, glad i looked up on google for reviews. mary..

      • Val

        I’m with you Mary. I don’t hand out my credit card number to just anybody so I researched this product first. My curiosity is satisfied and I’m off to make myself a salad with some store-bought lettuce.

    • Wdblogic

      Wow! This has to be the best, most thorough review in the history of reviews!
      I am posting this link to my Facebook, twitter, linked in and anything else I can think of.
      As I was listening to the add I told my wife ‘look at how he is using fear to sell this’. I didn’t consider for a second buying this without looking for a review.

      Thank you so much for your total, mature and informative review.

    • jeannette moseley

      thank- you so much for the truth! these scamming idiots should be ashamed of themselves! they are helping this country go to hell in soda bottles!

    • Mel

      After listening to the first 2 minutes from the “keep your voice steady, exciting and upbeat” class, I too thought he must have spent much more time on the infomercial than the actual book, pamphlet or whatever product being hawked. Also, the photo on the website I was at originally showed an older man but the voice of the one doing the infomercial was definitely not that of an older individual. Thanks for the heads up on this product. Having been burned in the past, I am always cautious now of the over-the-top sales pitch.


      I was hoping this was legit, but thought from the start that it could be a scam..If you ask for money right off your not interested in helping people but yourself only. If it was a free pdf then it may have been good. I was hoping there was actually some one good using the web…Good luck on that…Thanks for the info.

    • Rick

      Very nice review.

      I sorta got clear after the first 3 mins or so that the overselling was indicative of a scam or at best a shallow product. (the more they sell, the less you get… IMO)

      So why am I commenting if I thought it was a scam? Well, I did say AFTER the 3 mins of viewing … which meant for a few minutes I was starting to believe. I thought if I only learn one thing out of the mass of nonsense, it might be worth $7 …

      Now with this review, I am confident that there is nothing I would have learned … except that I am gullible …

      Thanks for the posting of the review. I sincerely appreciate it. I will also subscribe to your website from now on.

      Love the candor and non-absolute approach to off-grid thinking and living. Nothing is absolute, except nothing… :o)

      • vickie

        I too am gullible. They hae now charged me twice. Now just for the principle of the scam, I want my money back. That means $14. I did read that they charge a $50 restalking fee. Will be calling my bank today. This guy should be shot. And he’s selling this on Amazon. they should be notified too. Ok, I’m really really pissed. Living in the north, there’s very little we can grow in 3 months or less. I fell for it. Hope you don’t.

        • Pamela McDonald

          When they tell you that they will pay YOU is when you REALLY NEED TO RUN!!!!! LOL THESE ARE THE MASTER SCAMMERS. TAKE NOTICE EVERYONE!

    • james static

      years ago I was scared and down loaded a hole punch of E-books stuff from some Campbell dude w<resources@……….the next thing my pc needed hundreds of bucks to fix it. didn't get everything. i asked for,or my money back & to stop e-mailing me everyday he still sends more e-mails. I look at it this way I'm reading the Bible getting baptized & hope I don't have to suffer, more importantly i don't want to see My single hard working mother that worked so hard that she cries herself to sleep in pain to see her suffer.and undignified death I tell her to look to the future & work on going to HEAVEN. I didn't think they made people like her or my Dad (R.I.P)anymore until I got to a good Bible following church. these are the people like my Mom & Dad that made this a world worth living in, Truth!.God has got me out of a wheelchair and fix my broken Heart & gave me everything that I needed as you could see I couldn't even read or spell 3,4,year ago however I've been hunting w/ my dad since i was 2 years old & -played metal for thousands at a time. it is hard to live without integrity for me. so let the evil scum have their $$ money god I'll take being a Man were his word is what cunts God Bless you & yours & much Love to everyone even the scum

    • steve feuerbacher

      I can’t believe I almost fell for this. Mr. McCoy is obviously a genius at marketing. It’s a shame he doesn’t turn those skills to selling something that delivers what he promises. The lesson I take from this experience is that old sayings become “old sayings” because they stand the test of time. In this case, the one’s that come to mind might be:

      If it’s too good to be true, it probably is…or…Buyer Beware…and in the famous words of P.T. Barnum, “a sucker is born every minute.” At least it wasn’t me this time…but it was close.

      The good news is that I found this site!



    • Scott

      Holy cow. That sales video rocked it and you tore it down to it’s little scammy bits and pieces. Thanks for the thorough review and the excellent recommendation of the All New Square Foot Gardening. I already have this one and received some great gardening tips from it. I’ll keep this in the archive though for as a great sales video. Too bad the product doesn’t live up to the hype.

    • Interested Reader

      Save another $25-100 a month and cancel your internet connection. Plant the traditional garden or use other techniques that work in your area. Your yard can likely produce all the vegetables you might need for the winter. Don’t freeze it all, but can it so you don’t spend oodles keeping your freezer going. I knew a guy who got 400 pounds of raspberries from his yard each year.

    • mark young

      well i new it was a scam, when he said , in his info scweeeell that he spent so much time researching this , and then actually , tells you it was a whole 200 hrs, wow a hole , yes hole month, the earth is full of useless humans , hes on the list , thanks for warning people that check before they leap, mark

    • Joe

      I just saw this infomercial and now the charge is $9.99 what a rip-off. Thanks for the review. Be blessed. : )

    • Rosie

      Thank you SO MUCH for saving me time and money, both of which are in short supply in my life. I truly appreciate your review. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Odile Brock

    Wow! Thanks so much, can’t believe you spent so much time on this racket, but you did a beautiful job knocking down every single ridiculous claim. What a scam! Remember, everyone, if it looks too good to be true, it ISN’T TRUE!

  3. Cathy

    As others have said…thank you very much for going through the infomerical and debunking it. Perhaps I’ve been up too long, its 3 am….and yes, I am disabled so I thought it might be worth the price to get some gardening ideas where I wouldn’t need to lift a shovel….butI should have known this was garbage as I’ve been gardening for too many years to mention. I did see through some of his outrageous claims–such as the strawberry yield. So back to square one on planning my veggie garden for next year…Again I appreciate the time you took to provide this in-depth review!

  4. Elle

    Excellent review – thank you!

    We have lots of experience on the Web, and we were impressed with the salesmanship of this pitch. It hit all the key “fear” and curiosity points. If someone wants to make money online selling an almost useless product to unknowing (and oftentimes desperate or fearful) people, this sales technique is classic, haha. What a great lesson for aspiring hucksters, hustlers and shysters. Nothing like taking advantage of those who are more inexperienced and vulnerable. Personally, i kind of hate that.

    Anyway, just really wanted to thank you for your review. It’s awesome. But now, you may likely be charged annually for more “seed packets” and/or spammed till kingdom come with a zillion other offers. Wonder if they’ll let you unsubscribe? : )

    PS: Your “The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City” link goes to an error page as the browser address includes your linking script.

      • Michael T

        As I mentioned, I was looking for a few receipts for egg beaters, due to my wife’s cholesterol mishap, and it said this makes Grocers cringe, or something like that,,,the things grocery store don’t want u to know,,,I tried to watch the infomercial, but it just showed a little black screen…… I guess I didn’t miss much, but you really systematically broke down everything, and EXPOSED what was being shoveled. You make for interesting reading, and I think I’d pay $7 for something you were to put out 🙂 again, great read and very informative, thanks for the insight and happy growing

  5. Crystal

    Thank you so much for posting this review! I almost bought into it, but decided to do a little digging first. After I read your review I went to close the web page selling the book and it said “but wait, we’ll give you access to the book for just $1 (which won’t even cover my costs)” What a scam!!

    • Costas

      That’s coz he doesn’t really care about the initial charge, just so long as he can get hold of your credit card details so he can debit you again in the future. Your only recourse then is to cancel your card, coz you’re sure as hell ain’t gonna get any redress from that ‘money back guarantee’. You had a lucky escape, so count your blessings.

  6. Jacqueline

    Thank you so much for your review! My family lives paycheck to paycheck and with food stamps. The food stamps are never enough for the month. $7.00 is a lot to spend for something that isn’t worth it. Thank you for posting this so I didn’t spend the money.

  7. Bob

    Well, I spent the $7 and $27 for the books and $27 for the seeds. The books are very informative. True, I could have found all the information shown in the 10 books, elsewhere, but considering how much my time is worth, $27 is not a bad price. So far, I am not unhappy with my purchase. I only hope that the seeds will be forthcoming in a timely manner, and I didn’t ignorantly open the door for unintentional purchases beyond the $61 have invested, so far. The “BUT WAIT” that popped up each time I refused to buy the offered items, made me feel that I outsmarted the system and got a ‘really great’ deal. But….I have given out my credit card numbers and time alone will tell whether or not I really got ‘scammed’…. I felt a little bit uneasy when I discovered the grammer errors and lack of good sentence structure….but my desire to believe I am going to have a wonderful 4 foot garden that will provide all that good food for my family trumped my common sense and rational judgement. My grandmother told me many times that if something sounds Too-Good-To-Be-True it probably is. We shall see……..


    • pwallen1962

      Sooooo… what is the verdict? Were there more charges? Did the seeds eventually arrive, and were they viable? Was the information in the books useful at all, or random dribble?

      BTW, if you’re interested, I have some fantastic post-san-andreas-fault-cataclysm beach front property for sale 🙂

  8. BSTE

    Thanks so much for the review. I, like several others was almost duped into this scam. It’s was a pretty effective pitch with the Monsanto info in front. I supposed meant to make you feel trapped then offer you a way out.

    Thanks Again!

  9. Matthew Cline

    I don’t do any gardening, but nonetheless I thank you for sacrificing your money and brain cells to learn about the scam.

  10. Pam D.

    Thank you for this excellent review. You have also saved me from a $7 mistake and disappointment. You are a good writer and a good person for going to all this trouble. Thanks again.

  11. JMH

    I’ll join the chorus of “Thank you!”s for your time also. You probably also spared me from searching for a free download which could have led to a virus, I’m sure. Thank you!

  12. Bill Goodrich

    I’ve been seeing this ad on my facebook wall for days and finally went to watch the infomercial. I managed not to get sucked in on the spot, thankfully, and went looking for reviews. I’m so glad to find your review and see that it was just as big a scam as I thought. The frustrating thing about these ‘incredible’ offers is that usually when you look for a review you only find bogus sites full of glowing reviews (most likely written by the same people who are selling the product) Thanks so much for your investment of time and money for the good of us all.

  13. Skip Thomsen

    Thank you for taking the time to expose yet one more hype. I was interested until the guy started in on the “but wait . . .” technique used by every other scammer trying to sell something he has to work that hard at to sell. So I just Googled the title (which he didn’t reveal until almost the end) and came up with your review.

    Thanks again! You did a great service to anyone wise enough to “trust but verify.”

  14. J. Gerard

    After researching a similar ad about learning to speak another language for only $10 and findingit a complete scam I decided I better check this one out also. So glad I did. Yours was the first and only post I needed to read to see this is also a scam. Thanks for the info and for saving me $7(and potentialy more) and a lot of agravation.

  15. Alon

    It seems that the whole tone of hype and infomarketing from the get-go was antithetical to the spirit of creative, grassroots genius and anarchistic self-reliance and cooperation that most people who are growing their own food exhibit, and lacking the solidarity and BS-free tone and humility that anyone connecting to their food so closely is bound to feel.

    The fact that the book actually suggests using Roundup makes me feel like this is a cynical plot to snag money from those most in need of it, and if one follows through and actually buys Roundup, puts, once again, the money into the hands of the massive chemical corporation Monsanto. So when I read this singular fact, I knew the scale of the scam and it confirmed for me that this was not the work of a humble food grower at all but rather likely some business school graduate exploiting people’s basic needs for healthy cheap food and worse, spreading fear regarding confiscation of food growing systems, even though there’s a nugget of truth in that.

    And that’s always the hook: mix some truth with a whole lot of crap = profits up the nose.

  16. Ken

    Most execellent review! thank you so much for your input. There is so much garbage on the net, glad you did this detailed review! Saved me a lot of frustrations!

  17. Tanya Floyd

    I am probably the biggest nerd of all, but an article with grammatical errors throughout leaves me with the “phony” feel instantly. Quality information should be coupled with quality workmanship. Neighbor and local farmers have given me great tips on what works in my area – Roundup FREE! Rule #1 – use your byproducts, leaves, coffee grounds etc as compost. Google chemical free gardening tips. Can you imagine how much this dude has made with the two words, “But wait!” ?? THANKS so much for your wisdom and dose of reality

  18. Daryl Fowler

    First thing I did was Google this dudes 4 foot idea and I found your breakdown of the whole deal. Thanks for spending your time to dissect the whole book and let us know whats really going on! CHEERS!!

  19. kristianna

    Maybe someone should try to come up with truthful information regarding how much food one can grow in a 4X4 garden bed.

    My thanks to you, also, for taking the time to debunk this scam.

    • admin

      Kritianna, as soon as I figure out how to best determine how much food is reasonable and how to best grow it, I plan to do just that. Without vertical gardening, the Square Foot Gardening book is the best place to go for that. I haven’t done a lot of vertical gardening and certainly have not taken it to its limits, so we’ll see what I can find through research.

  20. Shannon

    High 5’s for this outstanding review! Thanks so much for saving not just the money, but the time. I started looking for reviews because they wanted so much info in the checkout and I wasn’t comfortable handing that over because I think that can often be worth a lot more in the wrong hands.

    I’m going to go looking for a way to subscribe to your website. If this one article is this great, I’m looking forward to what any other coaching you might have. Hopefully, you have affiliate products that I’d be able to buy as a way to make it a win/win. Warmest wishes from Virginia!

  21. Stacy

    Glad I found your review…knew something was off when the video wouldn’t play. So I googled the concept and found your blog. Nicely done.

  22. Kim

    Thanks for the detailed review! I am learning never to buy anything without doing a search on it first. I really want to start a garden…next spring since I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I will take your advice and pass on this offer and search local gardeners for the best way to start up a small garden. Thanks again for your work… you have done a great service for a lot of people. $7.00 doesn’t seem like much but it is obvious they hook you and then keep sucking for more. I for one am on a very tight budget, that is why I really want to grow some of my own food. Thanks again… Kim

  23. MA

    Many thanks for posting on this! I came across an inserted advert for this ebookon a trusted website but was sceptical. As you indicate, there is much better information out there on 4 X 4 gardening, including methods developed by Henry Doubleday and others to garden in raised beds. Much information can also be gained for free on seed saving. I also agree wholeheartedly that for those with limited mobility table top growing (again well documented) is by far the better option!
    The text you review seems to be bogus. However the great news is for anyone drawn to its basic message is that there are many people sharing genuine information about home food growing both online and in person. Wishing you all the best with your own work and thanks for the review!

  24. kurt

    the effort you put in to writing this review beggars belief. I thought it might be a scam but wanted to believe it was true especially the bit about the Sahara. we’ve got friends living on the coast in the semi-desert and it’s so hard for them. Sarah Holdsworth at ‘beehappyplants’ has ordered a plant that will grow in such conditions and feed their livestock. I’m looking forward to planting the seeds which will arrive in February from Australia.
    you not only saved me money but considerable embarrassment.
    you make the world wide web great. thank you all at survival colony for your hard work and making our world a better place.
    Love to you all,

  25. Jack Bradley

    Hiya Guys,
    I, too,would like to add my sincere Thanks for doing the review rather than have unknown numbers of people each pay $7, that many can ill afford, on this scam.
    Guys, if I had the money, I would give you your $7 back for the public service and kindness!
    All the very best to you!

  26. Angela

    AHA!!!!! I KNEW IT! I knew in my bones this wasn’t worth it! THANK YOU for the wonderful, thorough report, and I will be investing in real information! By the by, I’m thinking the plastic thing that he was mentioning may be this: Specifically, when far-red light wavelengths from the plastic bounce back up to tomato plants, the phytochromes tell the tomato fruit to grow more and faster. I’ll be testing this in the next growing season to see what it really does though. Lee Valley sells the plastic, and I’m sure I saw it at another gardening store…like I said though, I’ll check it out, see if it’s a another scam…

  27. Wayne

    You are sooo right Google is my friend (that’s how I found this site with little effort). If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Thank you so much for this very detailed analysis of yet another scam. I wish there was many more people out there doing what you do. Keep up the excellent work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  28. Chris

    Growing your own is a great way to have access to inexpensive organic food and can be a fun hobby.
    I am interested in aquaponics, where a tank of fish along side, or under the garden, is used to create a symbiotic system. You feed the fish, they poop in the water, the water is pumped up into your garden and the nitrates nourish your plants and clean the water, which is filtered back down into the happy fish in the tank. 90% of the water is recycled and fish adds protein to your diet. Many apartment dwellers in Japan set up small systems in their apartments after the local food sources were questionable due to the recent nuclear plant disaster.

    • Bella

      Chris, you’ve obviously seen but didn’t look at the lovely image so many people shared on Facebook. If you had clicked a couple of times and read everything you found, you’d have seen that the system pictured is something like 40 feet tall and 120 feet long. It would cost many thousands, probably more than $100k, to build, not to mention the energy required for all that water circulation and filtering. Another case of way too good to be true.

  29. Sara McVey

    I can’t thank you enough!! My family of 6 has to stretch food stamp benefits of $350 a month and $735 a month in disability income, so every penny counts!! I fully intended to purchase this ebook in an attempt to keep our heads above water, but I stumbled upon your report and I am soooo glad I did!! Thank you for spending the money and taking the time to do all of this for each of us <3 It means the world to us!! I will be doing my own 'googled' research to find the information I need! *love and hugs* – The Clan McVey

  30. Lyn

    Great review. You’ve saved money for a LOT of people. I’ve been searching for “simple” gardening methods for years — being someone who believes in all of the benefits of homegrown food but also being someone who is relatively lazy when it comes to back-breaking work — and like anything of value, it takes time and effort. I ran across another eBook, the name of which I now forget, but rather than buy it for $20, I wrote to the author and asked if I could preview it first. Not only did he say “Yes,” he said, “If you like it, keep it. And let me know if you have any questions.” Impressive in this day and age of greed! So, I downloaded his 100+ page eBook, read it cover to cover, and (again) decided I’m too lazy to follow even his legitimate “self-propagating” garden techniques. Now that I live in a better climate, I’m dying to find his book again and actually give it a try, but I haven’t had any luck. The computer it was on crashed ages ago, and no amount of Googling has lead me to that gem. I just keep finding scams. So sad.

    • admin

      The best “lazy” way I’ve found to garden is to invest in perenneals. These are plants that come back year after year and produce food whether you harvest it or not. Raspberries will take over a yard if left to their own devices. Asparagus, rhubarb, grapes, berries, fruit trees, etc. are all edibles that will come back year after year after year. The downside is that they often take 3-5 years to start producing. And if you don’t harvest the fruit of say, an apple tree, you might have a bit of a mess to clean up. But if you’re looking for lazy, that’s definitely the way to go.

      • Teeninchee

        That’s one of the best “lazy” suggestions I’ve read! In fact, without calling it that–it is what I have done in my .20 acre yard. Berries, grapes, fruit trees, rhubarb…once established, very low maintenance and MOSTLY rain water and lawn watering to grow it all. I invested in perennials the year I bought my home (Fall ’07) and by Spring ’09 I was enjoying the fruit of my labor. (I bought 3-yr-old trees which I planted according to Sq. ft gardening method of planting 3 trees in the space of 1 tree and growing them AS one tree…FAB idea!!) And have several 4 x 8 raised beds.
        I am so GLAD I didn’t waste my $7 on this foolishness! Everyone who WANTS to grow food at home–DOES in containers, raised beds or–because they WANT to.

  31. Charles Bryant

    I seem to remember many years ago about an advert in a magazine that said something like “send us $xx. and we’ll send you a device that will cut your electric bill in half” Apparently that ‘device’ was a cheap pair of scissors. Anyway, thank you for saving a lot of people from spending seven bucks!

  32. Carol Banta

    Someone posted this video on Facebook. I was more worried about giving my credit card info than anything else. I also Googled this book immediately and found your review and posted it on the string. Thank you.

  33. Kenny

    The email I got started with, ‘One man has uncovered a surprising device that has grocery stores running scared…’. I had to see what it was…then I found your site.

    When I see these with the ‘double-your-money-back guarantee’, I think to myself, yeah, good luck with that.
    Did you guys attempt to get your money back?


  34. Patrick

    Thank You, you really offer a valuable service by buying, reviewing and exposing these scams. Hat’s off to you and keep up the great work!!

  35. Todd

    I, like you, was spammed by this low life predator slithering through the Internet preying on the unsuspecting, but like you, I knew this was a scam and had to see what people were saying; mostly for my own edification. I am so glad that you took the painstaking time to review the garbage this loser is promoting and expose him for what he is! That said, I commend you for your thoroughness and would like to add that YouTube is an outstanding resource for leaning about many of the concepts you talk about in this review. I have gleaned most of my recent knowledge about gardening and juicing just by watching the many videos of various subjects on YouTube! One channel worth noting is “Learn Organic Gardening…” by John Kohler; he makes references to Mel Bartholomew’s “The Square Foot Gardening Method” and reviews a plethora of products and other methods. This gentleman is truely wonderful and does it out of the goodness of his heart, if he charged for his knowledge of gardening I would most certainly pay his price, but he provides it all free of charge! Thank you for your knowledge and this thorough review. I truely appreciate you and people like you! Keep up the good work and know that you have in a small way changed the world in way’s that you can’t possibly imagine just by taking the time to share an experience!

  36. Jas

    The video I saw may have been different, as it mentioned canning techniques claims that I see no mention of in this report.

    A suggestion for anyone who may have an interest in this sort of thing, you might be interested in checking out I watched it this last spring (yes, all one hour and 45 minutes worth), and it contained a lot of very interesting and useful information, and there was no charge for it. I tried the method minimally this last summer – you are supposed to start it in the fall, and I didn’t have the time to do a thorough job of it – and even so, I was impressed with the results compared to earlier gardens I’ve done. I did the thorough job this fall and looking forward to next spring.

  37. Ron

    Has anyone ever recovered any money from this scam type site? I tried to cancel after the first month, but the billing just kept on. They never answer the telephone, and don’t respond to emails. How in the world do people like this continue to operate on the web? My only recourse is to call the credit care company. I’m thinking that maybe a letter to the postmaster general, attorney general, head of the FBI, homeland security chief, and the head of the NSA requesting that they ENFORCE the laws might be the best recourse.

    • admin

      Ron, I had someone from Crisis Education contact me a couple weeks ago. They asked me to critique their next version of the 4 Foot Farm before releasing it and made sure I was refunded. I hope you don’t mind, but I forwarded your comment to that person along with your email address. He’s not in billing, but hopefully he can make sure the right people take care of it for you.

  38. James

    Almost all of you believed this? Do you wonder why the rest of the world is convinced that Americans are absolutely retarded?

    • admin

      There’s a difference between belief and hope. I don’t think many people believed all of this hype. But if for $7 you could gain enough knowledge to double yields in your alloted space or to grow year-round, I think most gardeners would jump at that opportunity. If this ebook delivered just half of what it claimed it would, it would be well worth the $7 price tag. This is why we reviewed it — to let people know what the ebook really teaches.

  39. Jennifer

    A HUGE THANK YOU! I just watched the infomercial and was about to purchase this ebook, but thought I better check some reviews first. So glad I did! Thanks for taking the time to let us know the truth about this product.

  40. Fred

    Here we see the downsides and upsides of the Internet…a slimy promotional scheme intended to bilk people and a review that tells us the truth and spares us the grief. Thanks for that! Always “investigate before you invest.”

  41. Brad

    Thank-you for a straight forward, honest review! I’m so sick of these infomercials on Facebook. People need honest tips today, not hype. He’s just as bad as Monsanto.

  42. Lauren Ritz

    1 If you have to go through a sales pitch to get to the information it’s probably not worth it
    2 Look up “social engineering”
    3 If the sales pitch doesn’t give you any information, it’s a scam.
    4 Use the information in the sales pitch to do your own research
    5 At the first “But wait!” take the nearest exit

    A combination of vertical gardening, square foot gardening and hoop houses can supplement your food. A well grown cabbage plant or a broccoli plant will take up the whole 4 feet and not give you sufficient return. Greens, herbs, garlic in the spring. If you only have a 4×4 space, build a vertical trellis on the north side to grow beans or climbing tomatoes. Put trays on the south side for greens. Keep a potato plant in a 5 gallon planter on the deck. Use hanging baskets for tomatoes and do upright peppers in the top of the basket. Use companion planting and supplement with compost in the fall. Put plastic on hoops over your gardening space in the winter to extend your growing season.

    Your plants will need supplemental feedings, so use legumes (beans and peas) to put nitrogen back into the soil. Plant root plants where you planted leafy plants the year before.

    Etc. Not enough space here to go into details, but you CAN at least supplement your family’s diet by being smart about your small growing space.

  43. Don

    Have anyone noticed that in the web site browser bar had the link secured? It was https: rather than the usual http….. I assume the reason is that it would be harder for someone else to hack down the site and would simply give up….. and yes,, the hype videos and the Wait, there is a better deal here.!!!!! is just too silly for me…. its all the same as with free energy with cheap info with full of hypotheticals and no real way of building anything with practical use….. I hope everyone learn from this and save your money…. just invest in free time on you tube and watch the demos is one way I do and learn from them…… and you know there is no money being asked for their ideas and inventions….Happy Holidays!!!!!!

  44. Gilbert

    thank you Jackie for this helpful information and reference books, Jas for helping others discover the Back to Eden Film, Todd for your suggestions and finally Lauren, I use some of the techniques you mentioned but not putting root plants where you planted leafy plants the year before. Thanks to all !

  45. Luna L

    Thank you for the review and saving me $7. I am new to trying to live off the land and I am so glad that there are good people out there that can offer advice and keep others from getting scammed. Thanks!

  46. Natalia

    Thank YOU so much for the review!
    I was not planning to spend $7.00, but I am glad I Google-d it and came across YOUR review.
    It is very informative by itself and your suggestion for books seems to be in the right direction for someone who is hoping to do what the $7.00 book promises.

    Oh !!! and Thank You for the links to companion gardening, its amazing.
    Also, I am looking forward for any of your tips and hints and or even a book on gardening
    Thanks again !

  47. Einar

    I was skeptical, but decided – hesitantly – to risk the $7.00 However, as soon as I saw there was no PAYPAL link, I changed my mind, fearing extra charges on my credit card. Then I found your report and was very glad there was no PAYPAL link. I would clearly have wasted $7 (or more). Thank you!

  48. Dee

    Hi there, Well, I just got shamefully duped in the last hour – made the mistake of buying it first, then checking for reviews. It was their “6-minute time limit” to purchase it for just $7 that made me act in haste. I’m also on a very tight budget, which is why I was looking to grow my own food. Now they are not answering their phone, and have a recording with the same voice as on the infomercial (a one-man band?) Survival Colony, I received their link to the book in my email, but haven’t yet clicked the link to read the ebook. Could you help me get a refund, and ensure they will not use any of my information for junk mail or third party use? I’m nervous now! And I would like chime in with the congratulations on the excellent detail of your review. Thank you and bless you!

    • admin

      Dee, it pains us to hear your situation. Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with Crisis Education, and despite getting emails from them about this review, we have no pull there. I’ve tried emailing them for another reader before, but just got a blanket “we respond to all emails within 24 hours” response. Please do let me know how you fare, positive or negative. Good luck to you!

      • Kim

        I’m in the same boat as Dee…but did not sign up for any recurring fees. Sounded so good..and trying to think people are basically trustworthy..WRONG. I promptly e-mailed and asked for a refund…we will see what happens. Thank goodness used low balance pre-paid debit card..not my bank card..just in case. Guess I did one thing right there. God Bless.

        • Kim

          I got an e-mail back today stating I would be refunded all I was suckered into. So we will see. I pointed out that it was interesting that if you purchased the $7 e-book advertised…you were not told before only certain seeds ( more money for these guys) would work anyway. So I will report IF I get refund..and check on some of the other books you listed. Many thanks for your review.

    • Donna

      Just use your gut to garden It is not rocket science. Put some organic seeds in the ground and they will reward you! A little nurturing and water and you will have food. Do your body a favor though, get organic seeds (and food) as much as possible. Good luck

  49. Susan Pulawski

    Thank you for this revealing review. I’m a disabled vet with Parkinson’s disease. I knew the ad was suspicious but you always hope it’s not a scam. Fortunately, I’m bright enough to research. I’m very grateful for your expose. I don’t have money to throw away. I already own square foot gardening and an out of print treasure on French intensive gardening. I used to own an organic farm until I was diagnosed. I miss gardening and was hoping for an easier method. What a disappointment.

  50. Chris

    Happy New Years to all from Crisis Education,

    For those of you who have seen our updated version of The 4 Foot Farm Blueprint I think you will really enjoy it.

    We stand behind our 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy we’re more than willing to process a refund for you. We handle tickets on a first come, first serve basis… typically we can get to every ticket within 24hrs (With the holidays it might be just a tad slower).

    Kim and Dee, I will personally process a refund for both of you if you’d like to respond with your email address. I ask this of you… read the new guide. Come back to this thread and give your candid and honest feedback on it. I’ll process the refund regardless (so keep the guide FREE).

    Enjoy the holiday,


    • Kim

      Thank you. I am supposed to be getting my refund in the next few days. I appreciate you all standing by your refund promise.

  51. Stuart Johnson

    Like most people it looked like a scam and you just confirmed it. Your info was probably better than than the seven dollars plus I could have spent on this scam. That old adage my father used to use if it looks to good to be true it probably is. My suspicions that he’d spent a grand total of 206 hours or thereabouts. He probably spent more time on his website. I know gardeners can spend a lifetime actually putting great information together. The video reminded me of Kevin Trudeau it sounds like the booklets were much the same. Thanks again it’s not the money it’s the principle. On the plus note you’ve given me other books to spend my money on of people that are more deserving. Thanks again

    • admin

      We have concerns about GM crops and Big Ag farming practices in general. The idea of “terminator seeds” concerns us. The notion that corn can grow in “no man’s land” where you won’t find a single other species alive, concerns us. That said, we have no specific gripe against Monsanto. But the company that brought us DDT, Agent Orange, and the Manhattan project probably shouldn’t be blindly trusted either. That said, the rat study mentioned in the infomercial has since been retracted. The study still concerns us and we wish someone would redo the study using better science, but we’ve yet to see it.

  52. Kevin P

    Great review! Thanks for taking the time to clearly communicate the issues/concerns associated with this eBook offer.

  53. Ricky B

    Thank you for the review. You saved me $7. And thanks for the tips on the more credible books. Will look at those instead. Thanks again. Good thing I did more research.

  54. John R

    Mr. McCoy doesn’t seem to know or chooses not to acknowledge Monsanto dies not grow/breed sweet corn for human consumption! This leaves me suspect of his other insights.

  55. Shana

    So, what happens if we were stupid enough to put our credit card on there to order it, but exited the window after we knew it was a scam? I knew when they offered more monthly charges. I’ve not received an email confirming or denying yet.

  56. dee brown

    Thx Jackie excellent debunking, your writing much better than theirs, it has cured me of clicking on any offers. Now I will call my credit card co.!

  57. Onie Wildman

    Outstandingly illuminating many thanks, It is my impression your current subscribers could possibly just want a excellent deal more blog posts similar to this keep up the excellent information.

  58. Marjorie

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do such a thorough job of revealing the truth about this shoddy, sham-like publication and reviewing this poor excuse for an ebook and for making it easily accessible through Google…we must all try as best as we can to help, support and protect each other from predators, prevaricators and criminals in this all too often dog-eat-dog world! You have done a great service to all! Kudos to you! 🙂

    • admin

      Sue, thanks so much! “Home Defense Hacks” is also put out by Crisis Education. But the video on their page just goes back to the 4 Foot Farm video, so I must be seeing the wrong video. It probably is the same voice though since it’s the same company.

  59. Chris

    I paid for one of there E-books and they never even sent it to me. The 37 items you need to survive. It is a big scam. Some of the emails he sends you are interesting, but like the writer said, he put all his effort and money into producing a video to sell you in and no actual effort in researching an/or providing good content.

  60. Charley

    I got about half way through the stupid infomercial before I googled and found your review … nicely done. Haha though I will admit it sounded a lot like the infomercial was about growing pot, with all the stuff about getting free seeds and keeping the garden a secret and making a profit 🙂

  61. Verne G-Lane

    Thank you for your detailed review. I watched the video and then Googled for a review of the book. Exactly the type of discussion I was hoping for. Great work!

  62. Fibonacci

    DON’T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME! It’s a load of generalities and very few specific points. The information on these books would better be used as a checklist of things to research individually on the internet or books like, Gardening in the southwest,. If a person really has the intention of growing food and sustaining in other ways, then start talking to your local garden shop or join some forums. Get your own garden going, whatever way you can. I have grown plenty from sunlight and have also down from fluorescents as well as HID’s and Metal halides. You don’t need secrets. Jst time and patience and a bit of knowledge base. This has scam all over it, it’s a good course on psychological techniques being used, in action, ON YOU. Classic mumbo jumbo. The books are a joke.

  63. Redbird888

    I also ordered the eBook, mostly out of curiosity. I’ve been farming for some time, and have heard about pretty much every method of gardening, so I was curious to see what exactly it was that I could possibly learn from this guy….or to see how outrageous a scam it was. I thought, I could just get my refund if any thing. So the book turned out just as you described, and after 2 requests, I still have not received my refund, nor a response to my request, only more e-mails trying to sell me more things.

  64. LINDA


  65. Sarasotan

    Thank you so much for researching and writing this. I know how much time and effort went into it, and I greatly appreciate it. And you!

  66. man-WELL

    The Ad appeared at the top of, so I clicked. Then I watched portions while googling, finding your site. Others above mention fear tactics. They read as “Fool Tactics!” I now know your site, and intend to explore it more. This reviewer is sound, logical and humorous. Riveting read. Muchísimas Gracias, vielen Dank, Merci Beaucoup, Tanto Obrigado, Mille Grazie, Many-Many Thanks. (man-WELL)

  67. Celeste

    I almost clicked. If they had accepted paypal I might have. Then I thought better of it and did a little searching and came upon your incredibly well researched post. Thanks!



  69. Jean

    OMG Thank you for the review, I am starting to get wise in my old age and check on things before I buy, this would have been such a waste of hard earned money. Great review. Jean

  70. Linda

    Just watched this ad and immediately did a Google search. Found your review, Jackie. I have to thank you for your “nerdiness”. Great in depth review. Thank you so much.

  71. Kathi

    Thank you for all you had to go through to review this offer. I read books because someone has already done all the research, legwork and experimentation with whatever I am wanting to learn. I find reviews or the library just as important because I can’t afford to purchase something that is not going to help me achieve my goal. He made $7.00 sound so inconsequential but to my family it isn’t. Thank you seems so inappropriate, as you have done such a great service to many people who are trying not to be used to fill someone’s pockets for less than expected. May God bless you for freely giving. Kathi

  72. Myles Glasgow

    The comments show a definite interest in the subject. Community colleges, library discussion groups, t.v. gardening shows, suburban garden centers, city garden centers could connect people to accurate information and support their customers effectively with that information. Your review uses the internet in the best way possible and should be awarded a prize for your voluntary and thorough information. As newspaper businesses are becoming too expensive, sites such as yours should be linked together for use in courses about the internet, gardening, etc. Thank you.

  73. Morgan

    Wow. Impressive, thorough review. So thankful for you taking the time to do this. My kids wanted me to get the book, and I was very tempted (anything to simplify the process and cut down on the work! ha) … but felt it was too suspicious. Your review was useful in instructing them in how to recognize a scam, and how to analyze over-the-top promises. May God bless you and yours!

  74. Barbara Richard

    Too late for me! I ordered the $7.00 book. I then received 2 emails thanking me for ordering the book and the seed starter kit. I called my credit card company and was advised of two charges from them, one for $7.00 and one for $197! They are only paying the $7.00 and closing my account. Where should I report this scam?

    • Chris


      I’m sorry for your experience. We don’t automatically charge $197, you have to select that offer to get that charge. Obviously this must have been made in mistake.

      That said, I was able to locate you in our system. I’ve processed a refund for both your $7 and $197 purchase. Go ahead and keep the guide and let us know your thoughts on the information. I believe your initial seed kit has already been sent… go ahead and keep that too.

      Again, sorry for the mix up. We stand by our money back guarantee… In the future please contact us directly via our customer service email or phone line.

      — Chris

      • Brandon Weber

        Chris, I need you to cancel my order as well please. My wife came across it and purchased the $7 4 Foot Farm Blueprint to bless me with, but I don’t want it and would like a refund.Thank you.

  75. John

    Thank you for the time and effort taken in giving us this review. Sadly, it’s gotten to the point where I no longer bother to order anything advertised in this infomercial style, much to the detriment of the 1% that may be worthwhile.
    P.S. This type of “small cost” item selling most likely depends largely on making money by people not bothering, or forgetting, to claim the refund.

  76. Teeninchee

    You did a fabulous review! I’m glad I found your site before I spent the $7. We all should have sent YOU the $7!!! Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences and especially thanks to those who posted sites for other helpful information.

    I will continue following my SQFT gardening book and good old Mother Earth guides. I produce a LOT of perennial food (berries, fruit trees, etc in my front and back yard and my raised 4 x 8 beds produce the rest) I get wonderful organic seeds inexpensively within a few miles from home AND when I want to buy organic prestarts–they are available locally. That is one place I WILL invest money as opposed to time I don’t have– in established plants that will thrive after the last frost is past.

  77. Teeninchee

    One thing I want to know is: who are the people who posted the comments on their page?

    FEMA certified emergency manager–next project”…. I mean REALLY? “Simple language and diagrams”?

    Did the read the same information that was reviewed here? WOW!

    Thank the Lord I didn’t buy their “comments”!!

  78. Art

    I went right to google after reading the online infomercial. I wish that others took the time to “tell the truth” about online offers that are scams or rip offs!
    I built a 4′ x 4′ garden on top of our second floor deck. My wife loves it, as she can not get down stairs anymore and with this garden all she has to do is walk out the kitchen and there it is.
    The claims made in this report are nonsense, but I do recommend the use of a 4′ x 4′ garden when you have limited space to have a garden!
    Maybe we all can take the time to prevent others from being scammed or even extremely disappointed by giving an online “heads up” on anything we buy and get ripped off on?

  79. concerned webmaster

    CRISISEDUCATION.COM is using Domains By Proxy, LLC to hide their real identities buy they are ultimately hosted by
    complaining to will get these scammers kicked of the internet!

  80. kate elder

    Paid $7 for this 4 foot farm blueprint book; While skimming one version of it, at some point I found myself reading a much more extensive version of the book which had more pages, and was actually informative. Got too tired to continue that night; The next day could not access that version of the book. I had noted down page numbers and info notes on those pages, so I know that there are two different versions of this book. Could not get any satisfaction when I emailed the company. Could not get back to the better version.

  81. Chris

    Golden rule about usually anything online that forces you watch an entire video without fast-forwarding or providing written text – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are very few short cuts in life, and not much is a secret anymore. Think about it, if there were such short cuts, you can be sure corporations would be on top of it to increase their yields and maximize the return on their dollar.

  82. Loggerdon

    Just had to comment on this well-written and thorough review. Can’t believe I sat through that seven minute pitch! I never got to the …But there’s MORE! portion. At least I thought to search Google for a review before purchasing.

  83. Ron

    I almost bought into this scam. I am 71 years old and have been around the block a time or two but not enough times. I still get taken once in a while at my age so I appreciate your information and most of all I appreciate that I did not have to register to post a comment. If you truly want to have an efficient productive food source look into AQUAPONICS. From my research, this the way to go.

  84. JT

    BUYER BEWARE: Unfortunately I am out “the minimums” from this pitch: $7 for the book and $27 for the seed from the very last of the many “BUT WAIT” prompts throughout this e-commercial. My fault: I should have thought more about what the OVERALL investment would be to set up this 4 foot X 4 foot farm. It would be quite a bit more expensive than the total $34 I just spent.

    I honestly cannot say how effective this method is. I will never know because I do not plan to spend the money or time to construct the farm. So I do not have a good basis to request a refund since I will not be able to honestly say this system does not work. At the same time, the seller did not say up front all the other costs that would be involved (but I guess that would not have helped his sales).

    BOTTOM LINE ADVICE: Do a little research on this type of farming to see what is involved typically to set one up. THEN watch this e-commercial. Maybe watch it several times. My guess is the seller will not pull down the commercial before you have a chance to watch it at least twice. BE SURE you are ready to spend the money and the time to do the work. THEN if it does not work as advertised, you can request your refund for these products, but still consider the money you will have spent that you can’t back for the materials you bought to build the farm.

  85. Linda

    I appreciate you taking the time to talk about the e-book point by point. It helped me choose not to make this purchase. I’ve trusted too many infomercials and been very very disappointed with the quality and info in the actual product.

  86. Susie

    I kept seeing the ads everywhere for this thing so I searched for reviews. My search brought me to your website, which is a great thing! So I say “thanks” to the con-artists. Sorry they are losers, but SO glad you put all of that time, effort and money into the review. I will be a frequent visitor to your site because of the bad guys. THANKS!!

  87. Fay

    Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us. After clicking onto this video presentation (as a link on a reputable website I trusted) I was almost taken in. I recently have purchased several books and a 3 CD set that are full of instructions on these same topics. I thought this would be like that. But as a few others have mentioned the “but wait there’s more” made me think of the old TV commercials like the pocket fisherman. I decided to search first and find anything else that would help me make an informed decision. I am again thankful to you for sharing. True it is only $7 but that would better be spent on something worthwhile! Have a good life 🙂

  88. Terri

    You can PROVE that this guy is a liar in about 12 minutes. He promised twice at the beginning of the video he would share this system in just 6 minutes–“6 minutes, 12 seconds and counting…,” he said. But the ad was over 12 minutes. Forget the rest of the system. He either can’t tell time or can’t tell the truth. Either way, he’s not to be trusted.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to show point by point the problems with his system.

  89. aubrey carter

    I gave my credit card # It showed $7.00 total charge. Called my credit card company and they had added $97.00 Plus were going to hit me for another $27.00. I had it all charged back. I intend to write the BBB in Austin Texas regarding these rip off artists. Run don’t walk from these goons.

  90. Ian Anderson

    But what about my 6 minutes and 12 seconds……gone forever! Oh, wait, yes even that was wrong, it was longer, groan!

    Thanks a bunch guys, my three small raised beds nearly made me do it!
    Stay well

  91. Tiffani

    Thank You!!! I was trying to find their website so I could order, but luckily I found yours instead!! Thank you for saving me money and time by not buying into their scam. Thank goodness for people like you!

  92. louse heard

    Reduntantly, THANK YOU! IIt wasn’t the $7 saved, but WORRY ( I was reluctant to put my credit card info on what seemed to be a dubious site) and DISAPPOINTMENT ( I was excited and anticipating trying and learning something new). We need more people like you – clear thinking and meticulous in researching and helpful to others.

  93. Irene

    THANKS YOU for posting your review. I must admit I didn’t think I’d yield the crops that were promised in the ad – but I was hopeful … and eager for some easy advice. I decided to take a chance and order — until I was asked for the verification number on the back of the credit card. I have strict rules about when I will disclose that number, so I did not proceed with the order. I found your review and realized I had been rescued. Thanks for the gift of your time. You saved many of us who are suckers for a good deal. Lesson learned for me.

  94. Andrea Hardaker

    Thank you for your review, I am happy I found it. I was intrigued with the canning secrets part – but really I raised my brow at that because canning doesn’t have shortcuts. It has to be done right, or it spoils. I have probably pinned more on my board about square foot gardening on Pinterest than the info this ebook provides. Thank you for saving me money.

  95. Andrew

    Thanks heaps. So good to have the pressure sellers measured against their own promise. I was grinning through the whole read. You have done us all a favour.

    I had a neighbour once, this Chinese guy. He grew mostly just one thing. A massive vertical grown thing that looked like some sort of marrow. I guess a chinese marrow. They would chop it up and put it in with their stir fry. A big space/calorie filler. Must get back to him and get some seeds.


  96. Kay

    This is my first time on this site. I agree with the other commentators. If you all are not already getting paid to review you should be. This review was well-written, thorough, and grief-saving. I appreciate it so very much.

  97. Chip Cooper

    So, I just saw the video, and actually filled out the information and clicked to buy…. but nothing happened, the site would just sit and spin (not working?). I clicked stop, and tried to submit again. Again… nothing. Then I copied the link and pasted into a new page… just what I expected… the video started again, and said I had 15 minutes.

    So, I searched for the title on the internet to see if anyone had anything to say about this book.
    I have a 30×40 ft garden I usually do every year; but, due to age and problems it has been getting tougher, that’s why this appealed to me… guess they didn’t miss a trick.

    So glad I found your information ‘before’ the site got up and running again… it was the last $7 of $12 I had for the rest of the month. Thanks for allowing me to spend it on something useful. I do stuff like this on the internet… do my best to let others know when something’s not right. I appreciate what you’ve done more than you’ll know. It’s so nice to see someone else doing something like this… Kudos! You’ve made this day much brighter.

  98. Terry Lyle

    Thanks. You have done the world a favor. As a gardener for over 35 years I had to watch this promo to see what I had been missing all these years. What a bunch of BS. It’s sad to think that those who have no experience or are living in fear of not having enough to eat can fall prey to hucksters like this. Even sadder to know that there are few ways to contain those who perpetrate such fraud on the internet. In truth you can indeed grow some fresh vegetables in small spaces. But there are many legitimate sources for that info…mostly free…and you don’t have to sit through some inane ramble for twice the time promised while watching someone draw pictures. How this marketing technique has worked is beyond me. Thanks again!

  99. Karma

    Thanks for the review, saving me $$ and time.
    I did watch a good video on gardening you might want to check out if you haven’t seen it already.
    “Back to Eden”

  100. RitaJo

    Thank you… I was about to hand over the $7 thinking “WOW.. How cool it sounds” but decided to check into it further… appreciate your time, energy and YOUR $7 going into saving a whole lot of people the aggravation and disappointment! 🙂

  101. Fawnet

    I’m glad I looked this up. I knew I wasn’t going to find a magic method by Googling that “Grocers HATE him!” ad, but it was interesting reading your review and the comments here. Especially the ‘covert gardening’ angle; what on earth’s up with that? All I can think is that they’re (a) slyly trying to get the attention of those who’d like to grow drug plants, or (b) marketing it to folks who are so paranoid, that they really think powerful food industry people will come after them for having a garden. Maybe both.
    I will say, there’s a grain of truth in the scam that they’re selling. You can put food plants in containers, stack them on a sturdy plastic shelving unit, park the whole business against a nice, sunny wall and harvest some really nice tomatoes and stuff. But you don’t need these scammers to help you. It’s not a new idea, and Gardenweb or Reddit are full of people who can tell you how to get started, what to avoid, how to do it cheapest and etc. It really bugs me that someone, somewhere, bought into this scam, lost a bunch of money, failed to achieve what they hoped for, and got turned off gardening maybe forever. That’s just not right.

  102. Mike D

    I got suckered into sending them 7 bucks, even though I should know better.

    Now I’m trying to get a refund, as I am not 100% satisfied, but cannot find the email address to request it.

    Pease help.

  103. KDLovejoy

    Thank you for a very thorough review! I appreciate your time and effort in providing us with good and truthful information!!!! Keep up the great reviews!!

  104. Sandra

    Thank you so much !!! I am an inexperienced gardner and am always wanting new advice and ideas. I checked to see if the book was really at Amazon and because of that I thought it might be a good book to have in my library but … $7.00? ,,, Seems too good to be true. I am a skeptic when it comes to buying on line and I was almost hooked but my skepticism was stronger than my curiosity and for some reason I Googled the book and found your review. So glad I saved the $7.00 and all potential purchases from the scamercial !!!

  105. Malcolm

    Awesome review!!!!! I was really considering buying this book until I read this review, and I also don’t feel safe giving out my credit card info to a website hosting a video claiming to have the “latest greatest”!!!
    Thanks for such an in depth review, it certainly saved me money :)!!!!!!

  106. Eric

    First off thanks for your time in the review. It started off as a lazy Sunday surfing the news, I saw the advertisement and thought, “I’ll be your Huckleberry” I recognize the add format before I clicked the button as the Anti FEMA add that say the government is hording everything so you need to buy gold and start hording. But I though what the hell let me go down this rabbit hole. I have an interest in gardening because I like tomatoes but read in a couple of places that the white lining on the tomato cans can be harmful so I decided to try and grow enough tomatoes on my deck, as I back on to a pond and have no yard (it’s a large deck), and can them, hopefully enough to last me through the winter. (I’m in year two haven’t canned one yet! lol)
    So as you can see he had my interest, I was thinking the same thing it’s 7 bucks, I’m in the Army I get paid well, what the hell . . . with the clock ticking down I’m thinking I know this is a scam but it is only 7 bucks!, I know this is a scam but well you know I hate to be scammed. I know google is my friend and some times my enemy (all that dam big data) and found your review. Thanks for busting a scam now I’ll go spend that 7 bucks on a beer on this Sunday afternoon.

  107. Heather

    Thank you so much for writing this and saving me not only the $7 but the disappointment of buying a worthless book. I appreciate your review and the depth of analysis you provided…it was clearly a great deal more than the author of the book.

  108. Dori

    I received a Sam McCoy email a couple of days ago (here in England). I had two clues it was a scam:
    (1) unbelievabble claims, the first two sentences being

    One man has uncovered a surprising device that has grocery stores running scared…

    With this set of plans (discovered by ancient Babylonians, but proven by modern scientists), you can slash your grocery bill to almost nothing while getting mouthwateringly delicious foods:

    (2) it sent to an email addressed I have not use for over 10 years.

    Frankly I am surprised at the number of people who were only put off falling for it by this review. And, it seems, some people actually paid. As pointed out several times, even USD 7 is significant.

    It is so obviously nonsense. As always, if it seem to be too good to be true, it is.

  109. harvey

    had thought about this till I saw your review, thanks. Have read some about aquaponics which sounds like a good way to grow veggies etc.The plans I have seen are very costly. I had seen one that offered a much cheaper way of setting up aquaponics but lost the email. Does anyone have a reasonably inexpensive way to do it? If so let me know.

  110. Ronda

    Boy do I feel stupid. I usually search reviews before I buy anything, but I fear I was in the same boat as you guys, i.e. late at night, a couple glasses of wine… lesson learned. Ironically, I found your website because I was searching for the “blueprint” to actually make the 4×4 vertical container garden that I thought I was purchasing! Anyone who is considering gardening like this must also appreciate $7! I will be asking for my money back – I mean DOUBLE my money back!

  111. Kevin S

    I didn’t really believe it. So, I googled it to see if any of he information was on the net for free. I found this site and got more info than was probably in the product itself. Sounds like this is just a scam. They’re counting on all the people that don’t bother getting a refund, it’s only $7. And, by the sounds of it, you can’t even get that back. These people are probably getting rich off the hundreds of thousands of people that say “it’s only $7”. On top of that, it sounds like you get charged even more. And, the try to sell you on more stuff “top secret super seeds?”. LMAO!!!

  112. Take Yasuma

    Thanks a ton for this! I had almost fallen for this.
    New rule, anytime I see one of those “Video opens, with guy talking, claims he wants to help average Americans do something the government frowns upon, can’t skip ahead, asks for money at the very end” videos, I’m just closing it.
    It is nice to see that while some try to profit through sere dishonesty, there are others willing to fight them.

  113. Katie Johnson

    He is using fear to sell his book, a very big red flag in “my book” NOT to buy a product or a service by installing fear on its promotion!!! Keep your $7.00 & buy your own seeds to keep on storage rotating yearly as you plant your own garden.

    • Bernadette

      I fell for this scam and now I am receiving a box of seeds every month for which I am being billed $27.00 and I haven’t even got the farm set up because the instructions are so vague! Thanks for the links for other small area gardening ideas. Maybe I can still make use of all these seeds…

  114. Howard Berger

    I was enchanted by your enthusiasm for your product and so I purchased your four foot farm almost in toto. However when I woke up the next morning I thought better of it and I’m afraid I overshot my enthusiasm based on your enthusiasm. So please, by return e-mail, tell me how I can return the items sent to me, including the large pink barrel and the box containing seeds and the blueprint book. I appreciate whatever help you can give me in having my payments returned without further ado.

  115. Karla Hansen

    Thought I couldn’t be sucked in…Ha, down the tubes and wasted my time and $7.
    Thanks for researching and reviewing.

  116. Mike S.

    OK, simple, logical question……..if these “techniques” are so wonderful and produce such high yields in such a small area, why haven’t commercial food growers adopted these techniques? Being a farmer myself, farmers are always looking for ways to increase per acre crop yield. This question in itself should tell you much about the validity of these BS, wild claims. Yes, indeed, just another RIPOFF!

  117. Darrel L

    STOP!!!!!! If you go through the whole infomercial you can spend upwards of $700.00 for a prebuilt garden and everything else they sell. But they tell you everyone else is charging thousands of dollars so this is a real BARGAIN!!!!!!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  118. patty

    I ordered and paid for the book and have been waiting now over 2 months to get it. I also ordered seeds which came once but keeps charging my account for what I am not getting. They seemed to be so sincere and honest!Is this just a scam?

  119. Naomi

    We have a policy in our family: if you have to buy it NOW or you’ll miss out on a great deal…run away. Anything that makes you scared that you’re not going to get “the last one” or whatever–run. If the offer doesn’t allow you to stop and consider, talk to your spouse/parents/mentor (whatever)–promptly forget about it and move on. Yeah, that policy has saved us thousands and can be summed up in two words: DON’T hurry. Thanks for doin the research on this one.


    I thought this video was a scam, got ready to write down the info anyway, after all $7 right? Thought I would google reviews, yours popped up. Looked good but thought you just got paid to pad the video. Thanks for proving me wrong. I suscribed to Mother Earth News years ago, had a bunch of books on sq ft gardening but somewhere along the line they vanished. Have my first small raised bed garden this year, good onions and that is it. So some of your comments have helped push me back to doing a little more with my own food. I grew up when my mom and dad lived through the great depression. I was exposed to a rural live style where nothing, absolutely nothing was wasted. The Sears catalog in the outhouse folks. So long and short of it, thanks for the good review. Grow, preserve, store what you can. We have wild turkey and deer walking through our back yard so us meataterians will have some charred flesh from the wild along with a few onions, carrots, potatoes and some spices. Wood stove, full woodshed, stock pile of logs. Getting ready for another SD winter. Peace and Love.

  121. Diane

    Thanks for the in-depth review. I was entranced by the animated drawings illustrating the script in the video/ad but was ‘red flagged’ at the ‘Hurry and buy it now before it’s gone’ and the timer counting down. I never buy something I can’t think about first. $7 isn’t much but I wonder how many people get their money back or double their money back. S.C.A.M.Thanks, again 🙂

  122. Swimmy44

    There are a ton of people out there using this animator to make infomercials. If interested in the subject matter, I will listen but usually shut them off after a couple of minutes. Since this one said in advance “only six minutes” I listened most of the way. What I want to know is who is the animator – he must be making gobs of dough doing these infomercials. As for your review, it was great – thanks for the breakdown and I’m glad many previous commenters read it BEFORE falling for spending the $7 for this ebook.

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  125. HawaiiGal

    Wow. Thanks for the in-depth review. Even knowing it was probably a scam, I was just about to plunk down my $7.00. But right before, prudence hit me, and I looked up “4 Foot Farm Bluepint Reviews” What popped up among the ads for his video was your review. Thanks! I saved $7 which I can now spend on seeds!


  126. dave wasgoodwin

    thanks, appreciate your work.
    these commercials are so convincing even though the voice in your head says, ‘no, no, no!’

  127. Hartley

    One of the better reviews I’ve ever read!!!
    Being a gardener (indoor and out) and from Canada where there is only 5 months of outdoor growing, people lap this stuff up.
    A friend sent this to me wondering why I didn’t already have this book.
    It took a few seconds to start to pick it apart and a lot of patience to sit through.
    So I decided to find a review to send back to my friend.
    Wow, nice surprise finding this one right off.

  128. Ted

    Thanks. Excellent review. Thank you for spending the money and doing the research to help the rest of us who are enticed by all the claims!!!!

  129. Phillip

    When I watched the the video said $7 isn’t that much when you think about it ,and the fear of cancer causing food really works to get you to go for it, but I too found your review!!! Thx ,think I’ll take the $7 and go have a burger!!!

  130. ric

    Thank you so very much for taking your time and helping us others for investing in someone else’s gain…..
    I know as a learning disabled I wanted to believe in someone had a good answer to help others keep a potentially stable future……
    however you really helped many figure out that the ebook 4 foot farm blueprint is not worth what they claim

    bless you and I hope you will be rewarded so how for your sincere approach to helping others

    sincere Thanks : )

  131. Mark Sutter

    I’ve seen this exact format internet infomercial -the chalkboard style artwork, the conspiracy angle, the amazing hidden secrets – for a diverse range of products/services. I wonder if there is a company behind this that will prepare one of these for anyone who has a figured out how to put together an inexpensive to obtain, low value item or items that cannot be peddled by ordinary means. As long a there are no outright lies and promises made are kept (product delivered, promised refunds made) it’s legal and probably has made good money for a number of people. I have a great idea for my own infomercial. I’ve got the low-down on this amazing must-have chemical. It’s a universal solvent, it’s absolutely necessary for life, in many areas it’s getting to be short in supply, there are government regulations in some areas forbidding your collection of it even on your own property (conspiracy), there could be riots over it in the future, and I can give you secrets on having all you ever need for life. I won’t tell you what it is, but as a hint, its chemical components are hydrogen and oxygen combined in a 2 to 1 ratio.

  132. Ann L.

    The four foot farm blueprint is a total scam. Shame on me. I should have done my research before wasting $7. I got an E-mail verifying my purchase, but was given login information that was bogus as well. When I tried to log on and start reading, I got an error message that no such posting exists.

    The I tried to call the “contact us” number, and – no surprise – got a recorded message that they are so busy processing orders they can’t come to the phone but will get back to me. Of course, they didn’t.

    Please, do your friends and even strangers a favor and spread the word that this thing is a total scam. Worst of all, now those thieves have my credit card number, which is probably all they wanted in the first place.

  133. Michael Howington

    Another get rich quick using partial truth mixed with deception, I suspect a new tactic created for associates to become wealthy promoted by clicks.aweber.

  134. Mts. Webster

    So glad I decided to look for reviews before I input my credit card information, you guys are very thorough I actually appreciated that you broke down an explanation for everyone of his claims in the infomercial, you guys rock.

  135. Mary McLuckie

    For many years; I’ve warned my family about all the ‘scams’ OUT THERE! So, what do I do…?…but fall into this infomercial on “The 4 Foot Farm Blueprint”.
    First off, I saw nowhere that it was an ebook. I HATE ebooks. I like the feel of the real thing that I can hold in my hands and read at my own leisure.
    Anyhow, after filling in the info, including my credit card number (stupid, I know); I clicked on the link expecting a confirmation number. All that came up were a bunch of links to unrelated sites. Now, I’m sitting here wondering what’s to become of my credit card information.
    Question: Do you think the info went through under the circumstances or am I a victim of cc fraud?
    A reply would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


    Mary McLuckie

  136. Tom

    Well I did look at the infomercial on the 4 foot farm never did buy it! Too much hype for me if is is that good then put it up like Shareware try and if you like it buy it! Now the Potato Tower does sound interesting an I am going to give it a try. Do I expect to get a 100 Pounds I doubt it! 30 Pounds wold be nice! It is not that I do not have the room I got about 7 acres of land I can use the actual property is 10 Acres but take off for the house chicken coop & pen and various other out buildings it whittle it down to about 8 acres! I also am going to try something a little different this year with the Tomatoes. I got a lot of Box spring frames so instead of getting those Tomato cages I am going to use some of the frames and make kind of a ladder with mutable cross members.

    • admin

      Great idea for the tomatoes, Tom! I love alternative/recycling/scavenging ideas for gardening. We’d love to see a picture. I’ve been working on a series of survival gardening articles and would love to include some of these ideas.

  137. Laura

    Hint: If there’s no bar under the sales pitch telling you how long it will go on and not giving you the opportunity to pause, it’s time to close that window.

  138. Tom

    I hope the book is worth the 25-30 minutes of advertising that you have to sit through in order to get it.

  139. bob barnes

    just like[ find out about anyone] when you go through the whole speel and they offer you a dollar look.. your stuck.. they never answer there phone and they charge you big bucks for nothing and no place to go for help [thank you government]

  140. Jan Michelle

    Thank you so much for posting this informative review. I was hopeing this person was genuinely out for a good cause; but just like most (obvious) things,It was too good to be true. When I read this review, my optimism for the human race was restored (in a small but meaningful amount).Thank you for your time and effort for it is very much appreciated!

  141. Ann

    The price is $9.95 now–and, stupidly, I bought it. It is SO full of crap, but nothing else. There is no way I could build the ridiculous pieces of junk he recommends, and he doesn’t even show what the finished product, with vegetables growing, would look like. Plus–how are you supposed to get the refund when he gives no address or other contact info!!

  142. pwallen1962

    Three CHEERS for This review is spot on. Very well written, and no doubt that more time and effort went into this review than the ebook. If the author of these ebooks could write as well as this review was written, then, maybe he’d have something worthy of spending 7-bucks on. BUT WAIT! He would also need to revamp the content as well. BUT WAIT! He would also need to not tell so many lies in the infomercial. BUT WAIT! He would also need to not play on people’s fears and paranoia. BUT WAIT! He would also need to not rely on a chalkboard for graphics. BUT WAIT! He would also need to deliver information that was promised in the infomercial. BUT WAIT! He would also need to not say the infomercial is 6 minutes when it is much longer (makes him either a liar or a moron who can’t use a clock). And finally, when someone declines to purchase his crap, stop it with the BUT WAIT! rebuttals.

    And to the people who thinks this con artist is a “marketing genius”, any glue-sniffing moron without scruples can read lies off a script. Politicians do it all the time.

  143. SASB

    I wish I’d found your review before purchasing this book.
    The price when I ordered (about a month ago) was “The book is free, we just ask a small $9.95 shipping fee fo cover printing costs”
    I agree with everything you wrote in your review. I was totally confused because at near the end of the video the last ‘upsell’ is for a pre-made tower garden at a whopping $400+ !. I though the book was going to provide me with plans for making this 4×4 tower garden.
    I’ve requested a refund and will send an update.

  144. Rob

    I wish I would have go to this site before purchasing the book and wasting my money on the seeds, which were a total rip off, in CND funds I paid over$52 for the book and the seeds. Ten packages of seeds with hardly any seeds in the baggies that they sent to me. Packaged seeds I buy in the supermarket I get three times as many seeds and yet they are much cheaper. What a total rip off and scam. I wrote to them a couple weeks ago and still did not hear from them. So I wrote again today. Maybe I should make a website like yours…. and I would get faster service. If I do not hear from them I will call my credit card company and issue a complaint with the BBB.

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