REVIEW: H.I.R.T. Home Invasion Response Tactics from 2A Tactical Group, LLC

233985856Survival Colony was recently contacted by 2A Tactical Group, LLC and asked if we would do a review of their H.I.R.T. Home Invasion Response Tactics manual, and of course we said ‘yes’. Manuals are a double edged sword for me.  On the one hand I love manuals. Manuals tell you how to do things. Just having a manual makes you smarter, even if you don’t read it. When people see your cache of literature and knowledge they are like, ‘whoa! This cat has it all!’ The other side of this sword is that I am a guy. Guys rarely read manuals, we just collect them. Why? Manuals oppress our natural curiosity and desire to figure things out through trial and error. Manuals tell us what we are doing wrong. Manuals are like pulling over and asking a stranger for directions on a road trip when we have inadvertently decided to take an alternate route. That and manuals are usually a very dry read. Which is why when Jackie asked me to read the H.I.R.T. Home Invasion Response Tactics manual by telling me to read the manual I did the angry zombie stomp over to her and took it from her hand, but I did so like a boss.

I held the manual for a moment and gave it a quick look over. I noticed almost immediately that I have the same pajama pants and shotgun as the guy pictured on the cover. I also noticed the little girl behind him. Why is she there in an active shooting environment armed only with a teddy bear? Where is her gun? Why is she not watching behind and adjacent? At least she isn’t checking her Facebook, tweeting or Instagramming during this. I thought to myself, “Why do I even need this book?” I looked it over for the “You need this book because of…” sales pitch. I didn’t see it. A win in my book! I believe it better to get something because you feel that you need it and not because you are being talked into buying it. I did a quick thumb through and saw pictures. Double win! I love books with pictures in them!

I then began reading it. Cover to cover it did not take long at all. I was in disbelief that I read it as fast as I did, so I read it again, a little closer this time. I read it a third time and used a highlighter in certain areas to ensure that I got vital information, and also so that if my friends came over and thumbed through it that they would see that I used a highlighter and am thereby more educated than they are.

Here is where I want to dive into the meat of this manual. I like this manual. A lot. The biggest reason is that it made me think. I am former military (10 years active duty USMC infantry and 12 years Army National Guard with 3 tours to the Middle East), as well as 12 years in corrections. I have done room clearing and close quarter battle a whole pile of times, both in training, actual mission, and corrections setting (where there’s nothing but tons of rooms to clear). I know what to do. I know how to adjust to the tactical environment. I know this. I know that. I know it all. Or so I thought. The biggest thing that I didn’t know is that my family does not know. They don’t know the tactics. They don’t know the do’s and don’ts. They are not ready. It is an oversight that I share with many people. Let me explain. I have spent a lot of time with my team mates. We trained together, fought together, worked together to where I knew that everyone knew what needed to happen. I have spent a lot of time with my spouse and family. We have talked together, fought together, and worked together to where I knew that they knew what needed to happen…and they did, just not in these circumstances. They can perform the daily operations of the house, operate with little coordination in everyday tasks, so it was natural to overlook the fact that they can’t read my mind.

I want to take everyone back in time with me to an incident that occurred at my house.

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh….. (that is the sound of us going back in time).

We had just pulled up to the house after a wonderful afternoon in a neighboring town where we shopped, dined, and laughed as we talked about memories past. As we pulled up I noticed that the front door was open. I looked at my wife and asked if she had closed and locked the door as she was the last one out of the house. She stated with great certainty that she had. The town that I live in is a small town. Break-ins were becoming more common and police response is 20 minutes away. I decided that I was going to enter the house. I got the family out of the vehicle and had them stand back as I retrieved my firearm and entered the house. I cleared the house without incident and went outside to let the family know that it was safe to come in. What I discovered is that the family had moved from their location to one up the block from the house. I was not happy about this as I always want to know what is front of my muzzle, and by them moving I no longer knew that they were behind my muzzle. This is something that we have corrected by discussing coordination tactics but this should have been talked about prior to this incident.

Alright, I have now snapped my fingers and we are back in the present.

10613123_10206245045071263_7800488229379214795_nThe story had a happy ending. The door had a malfunctioning lock so it did not secure properly. That has been fixed. We discussed a plan of action and educated the family on it.  And I got to buy the home security system pictured here:

This book does an excellent job of making you think, and while doing so it compels you to discuss your thoughts with household members. Through those discussions plans can be made.

I enjoyed how easy the book is to read. It wasn’t so much dumbed down as it is written in a format that flows quickly while ensuring that the points of interests are discussed. It is easy enough to follow and reads quickly enough to where a person can read it multiple times in a short amount of time. Also, it is understandable enough to where nearly everyone in the house can read and understand it. That alone is worth the purchase as it allows the household members to discuss the material and get everyone discussing plans on what to do. If the book was crap this would be a horrible thing as it could lead everyone into a fatal funnel, but the book is far from crap. The book hits on points and tactics that, in my opinion, give household members the greatest chances of coming out of a home invasion unscathed.

This book will not turn you into a home invasion Rambo or a one person SWAT stud. It is fairly non sexy in that way. What it gives is practical and REALISTIC advice and techniques.

The pictures that I was very excited about seeing were adequate. At times the pictures seemed awkward and clumsy. It was harder to follow the pictures than it was to read the manual. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures did their job in helping to illustrate the point that was being made, they just seemed misplaced at times. This was more of a nuisance than it was a deal breaker. One of the individuals in the pictures has an amazing beard. Just seeing a beard as glorious as his makes you want to view the pictures again and again.

The jargon used was layman with a couple of exceptions. It is difficult to take a tactical script and translate it fully into layman terms. Though the manual does not have a glossary, it does give a definition of what acronyms are being used within the individual modules.

So, what’s on the backside of this baby? Is it all running and gunning? Nope. One of the things that I was impressed with was the advice given on what you should do AFTER a home invasion. It discussed things that I had never considered. Most of the time when we theorize about a home invasion it ends with a click-click-bang and everyone goes out for punch and pie to celebrate a job well done. We completely forget that police will have to get involved at some point. Oops. Never ran that scenario through my mind, planned it, or discussed it with the house hold. Until after I read the book anyway.

2A TACTICAL GROUP, LLC did a phenomenal job with this manual. It is well worth the time and money to get it, read it, do the work sheets, and read it again.

Do I consider this book a ‘must have’. No, I do not. Would I have bought it with my own money? In a frick’n heartbeat. For under $10 for the Kindle version, it’s a no-brainer. You can always do your own legwork and research. This manual saves you that time and effort.  They have talked to the experts in the field (military and law enforcement). They have done the research and compiled a manual that gives sound advice and viable options. This is one manual definitely worth your time and money.

To purchase the H.I.R.T.: Home Invasion Response Tactics manual:

In book form for $19.99, CLICK HERE.

In Kindle form for $9.99, CLICK HERE.

(Disclaimer: TA Tactical Group, LLC provided our copy of the H.I.R.T.: Home Invasion Response Tactics manual. We are never compensated for our reviews and our opinions remain our own.)

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