Review: Saratoga Farms Butter Powder


We’ve had a #10 can of Saratoga Farms Butter Powder in our house for a few years now. I was able to pick it up on sale from The Ready Store, but it’s also available through Amazon for a little less (at the time of this writing) if you prefer. I was both intrigued and a bit frightened at the idea of powdered butter, but decided it would be nice to have some sort of butter substitute in food storage even if just for cooking. But I also know that you need to taste test items before you decide to rely on them for food storage.

I found myself making mashed potatoes with no butter in the house and decided it was time to be brave. First, no one noticed a difference with the mashed potatoes. So I have no doubt that this product would work well in most cooking.

After I made my mashed potatoes, I decided to also make up a batch of butter for other uses. Namely, I wanted to know if it would taste good spread on bread. Bread is a great filler and easy to make, but we don’t necessarily enjoy it dry. We can dip it in soups or spread jam on it, but there’s something about buttered bread with a meal that would make the hard times seem a little less rustic.

This butter does not solidify. It stays in a porridge-like state, even when chilled. I also wasn’t able to get it completely smooth and creamy. It still retained a little bit of its gritty appearance, though it didn’t taste gritty. My initial taste test, spread on bread, wasn’t great. It didn’t quite taste like butter. Yet, after a couple bites, the taste grew on me. It tasted like butter the way Chef Boyardee tastes like spaghetti. You like it or you don’t, but for many, there’s a strange appeal. I feel this is the case with Saratoga Farms Butter Powder.

cookieAnd the big test? Will this work as butter in baked good. Yes! But the best use I’ve found for it since my initial taste tests: cookies. Every so often, I cheat and whip up a batch of cookie mix for the kids. The package mix calls for softened butter. Reconstituted butter powder is so perfect that cookie mix is now part of my food storage. Sure, I store the individual ingredients as well, but for ease and speed, these packages will make for great mood boosters. Just add some egg powder to your food storage too if you don’t have chickens and you’re all set. The dough is decent as raw cookie dough or as baked cookies.

The Verdict: This is definitely something I plan to keep in my food storage. As a butter spread on bread, it’s decent and even somewhat addictive, though it doesn’t taste like butter. But when you have dry homemade bread, it will make a welcome change to sweet jams as a spread. It also works in stovetop foods like mashed potatoes and makes a decent butter substitute in baked goods. It’s a winner in my book.


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