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About SurvivalColony.com

SurvivalColony.com is a site dedicated to not only bringing information to the masses but also practical experience that is gained by actually testing out the common beliefs and information surrounding prepping, bugging out, and bugging in.

SurvivalColony.com was started by Dennis and Jackie, a married couple that embraces the ideas and philosophies of “the Colony”; the belief that no one can make it alone. That it takes a group of individuals, bound through trust, knowledge, and dedication, to ensure survival.

SurvivalColony.com is about the Colony.  Sharing information and testing products to the benefit of everyone.  Many individuals have the gear, the information, the education, and the desire to be prepared, but few have tested out their theories or abilities.  SurvivalColony.com steps in to fill that gap and give the results.  To answer questions and to give information to the Colony, just as SurvivalColony.com is educated by the Colony.

SurvivalColony.com will take the long walks, endure the weather, feel the pangs of hunger, lick the cracked lips of thirst, and grimace through the muscle cramps to compile the information and share with the colony the knowledge learned.

SurvivalColony.com will suffer so that you’ll survive.

 About Dennis

Dennis served in the USMC from 1992 to 2001 as an infantryman where he learned a great deal about an assortment of field knowledge.  Upon leaving the Marines he and his wife Jackie returned to his home state of South Dakota where he took employment with the South Dakota Department of Corrections.

While at the SD DOC he worked his way up to become a Corrections Captain and also worked his way up through the ranks of the Disturbance Control Squads and eventually became the commander of the DCS, learning along the way the ins and outs of riot control and less lethal operations and munitions. In 2013 he left Corrections in pursuit of other career opportunities.

Also, after leaving the USMC, he enlisted in the SD Army National Guard as an artilleryman, and currently still serves.  While enlisted in the SD ANG he has deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.  During these deployments he had served as a M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gunner, as a Convoy Commander, and as an Anti-terrorism Non Commissioned Officer.

With all the he had seen, done, learned, and planned throughout the years gave him the confidence that he was ready for everything, that is until he decided to test it out.  What he learned was that the knowledges and planning is futile if it isn’t exercised.  He learned that much of the confidence that he had in his field hardiness was confidence based on himself from fifteen years ago and that him leaving that life had gotten his body used to a “softer” existence.

He learned that “bugging out” was against his nature, Marines don’t bug out, Marines charge into the battle or defend until the end.  He learned that he actually knew little of practical survival and that had to change.  He learned that the word “survival” had to be redefined into “practiced survival”, how-to knowledge, practiced skill sets, and a change in behavior that will not only ensure a greater chance of survival for him.

About Jackie

Jackie is our resident homesteader who dreads but accepts the idea of bugging out as a potential inevitability. Much of her survivalism stems from 15 years of living with Dennis, but she’s always been acutely interested in tending the land, animal husbandry, sustainability, and off-grid living.

While Dennis is out testing packs and gear and “seeing how much he can take,” Jackie is typically at home tending the garden, preserving the harvest, testing food storage recipes, and knitting by the wood stove. She’s also in charge of much of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the website and Facebook page. Though occasionally, Dennis can use her love of hiking and the outdoors to convince her to go on an adventure with him.

Jackie is also our resident nerd. Her knack for research and love of reading in general has led to lots of survival book-knowledge, many great discussions with Dennis, and the devouring of more than a little survivalist/dystopian fiction.

In 2013, Dennis and Jackie started SurvivalColony.com in effort to document their experiences: successes and failures.  The goal is that by testing and documenting all the information and gadgets available to preppers and survival believers that they will increase their abilities and chances, not just for them, but also for those who choose to follow along and hear what they have to say.

A fool learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”        –       Otto von Bismarck

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  1. Dan

    I checked out the video about 4 foot farming and I knew it was a scam, but appreciate your research and experience in confirming this fact. Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with honest people.

  2. Laurie Clay

    I called last month and asked to be removed from you auto ship seed shipments because I am moving unexpectedly. I have received another shipment. I am not authorizing you to charge my credit card or account any further charges and I will dispute any further charges.
    Thank you
    Laurie Clay

      • AL

        I have read a number of your reviews, and appreciate your desire to research, de-bug!-I have a couple of suggestions for you for “reads”, and although I am Canadian, live in the west, I think very highly of a book (do not know if it is still available or not)-called “Crockett’s Victory Garden” by James Underwood Crockett. Another favorite of mine, is “Chickens in your Back Yard” by Rick and Gail Luttmann.(ISBN 0-87857-125-6) Although I now live in an apartment, I always dream of “returning to the soil”. Keep up the good work, I will watch for your input, reviews! Thank you

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