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The Survivalist Blog

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Zombie Squad

Colony Member Websites (support the Colony!):

Center Fire Concealment — custom concealed carry holsters; 10% discount for military members!

GunUp — online gun store and magazine

Retailers We’ve Personally Used:

Rare Seeds – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds — guaranteed non-GMO and the most beautiful free catalog

Emergency Essentials — food storage and other prepper supplies


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  1. Steve

    Loved the article on the book review of 4 ft garden. Awesome, response and thanks for taking the time to respond as you did.

    So what do you know about growing herb gardens in the north (Michigan) during those long dark winter months indoors?

    • admin

      Honestly, Steve, my thumb turns brown the moment I bring plants indoors. I’ve tried and tried and it seems that I can never get the plants enough light, even with multiple grow lights. In the winter, I tend to move more towards sprouts and preserved foods.

  2. Sue Chapman

    The is somehow no longer valid …just used it to try getting my $7.00 back. I just placed the order this am and luckily found your survival colony site soon after. Any chance of a more current or valid email address?



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