Our Review Policy

SurvivalColony.com reviews gear, products, books, and services that are both purchased by us and those sent to us for review. Regardless of origins, all reviews written by SurvivalColony.com will be fair and unbiased beyond our own personal preferences. Gear and products will be tested. Books will be read in their entirety (or it will be noted that we couldn’t muck our way through it). If products were supplied by their manufacturer or a retailer, it will be noted. SurvivalColony.com does not accept payment for reviews.

If you feel we have not given a particular product or service a fair shake, please contact us and tell us why. Alternatively, if you have an opposing view, please let us know!

Want to send us your product for review?

We accept products for review based on our time, interest, and the interest of our readers. Please know that we give both good and poor reviews. If your product does not live up to claims or expectations, we will share our findings with our readers. We will try to do so with tact, but we will be honest. To propose your product for review, please contact us.

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