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Bug Out 1, Phase 1: Preparation

After doing some research on the net of what gear everyone considers the “must haves” or “at a minimums,” I began to gather my supplies.  It was a frustrating endeavor as there were many different opinions of what is needed.  Some sites state that you have to have this particular fire starting tool that is guaranteed to start anything on fire within a few strikes (I chose a lighter instead), while another went nearly so far as to tell me that if I don’t have this booklet of 101 survival skills, I will die cold and lonely, with only the sounds of buzzards being heard as I drift off into eternal damnation…luckily they will provide me the booklet for $20.00…small price to pay for salvation I guess.

I have always been an amateur survivalist, relying on commercials and unrealistic reality shows to guide me in my pursuit of outliving cockroaches after the bombs fall, so gathering the gear took very little time. All I really needed to do was to go out to the garage and dig it all out of boxes, blow the dust off, and do a quick inventory.  Continue reading

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