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Couponing For Preps

(written by Jackie)

IMG_2076You’ve probably caught an episode of Extreme Couponers and seen the beautiful stockpiles some of these couponers accrue and wondered if you could do the same.

I’ve been couponing for a while, and while it’s becoming more and more difficult (especially thanks to this show), you can still get something for nothing…or nearly nothing. But it’ll be more difficult than Extreme Couponers portrays.

Why? Well, from what I’ve read online, the show is at least partially fake. The show calls stores ahead of time and makes sure that they’ll be allowed to tweak store policy to allow for bigger, grander purchases. You won’t have this advantage. This couponing style also doesn’t work in every store in every town. Some stores double coupons, some don’t. Some stores have a 4 coupon per item limit, some don’t. And now, some coupons themselves are setting limits. The rules list grows with each passing season, so couponers have to keep on top of these rules.

So then the question is: Is it worth it? That’s up to you. I coupon, but not to an extreme, and still manage to get free items every now and then. I’ll share the easiest ways to do it that don’t require the full-time hours some devoted couponers claim to spend on research and prep. But, of course, you can then extend these methods to more intensive couponing if you choose. Continue reading

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